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 butterflydrum   Karolyn drum dry   black panther drum 
  I make these drums entirely by hand. Working in ceremony following the Native drum making2American tradition I cleanse  all the materials with selected herbs - giving thanks to the trees for their wood - the animals for their skin and to Great Spirit for my innate creative energy.                                      
Using sturdy birch wood frames I stretch the finest quality rawhide -  Horse, Deer , Goat or Texan Steer - lacing it at the back with strips of the same. These drums are available in 10, 13, 15, and 18 inches in diameter and approximately 3 inches deep. Larger sizes available on request. A beate5drumsr
with a natural wooden handle and soft suede head is provided with the drum.


13 inch drums from£110
15 inch drums from £140
18 inch drums from £175
Should you require artwork on your drum the price would be £20 for a simple motif. If you would like a more complex design of perhaps your Power Animal  then I would be happy to paint that for you but suggest you contact me so that we can discuss your exact requirements and agree on a price for the work. 
pyrograph drums
 owl eyes        lion drum        Deer in forest
      carp drum

Eagle head

otter & eel drum 








 unicorn drum

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